Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.0 Definitions

Terms and Conditions Wonderstruck Hire LLC – Lit Light Love

1.1 “The Contract” means the document or documents that set out these conditions and all other details about your agreement with us.

1.2 “We”, “Us”, “Owner” and “Our” mean the Supplier of the goods, i.e. Wonderstruck Rent LLC, Sarasota Florida. 1.3 “You”, “Your” and “Renter” mean the Renter of the goods.
1.4 “Goods” or “means all good(s) Rented by us to you.
1.5 “Equipment” or “means all equipment (s) Rented by us to you.

2.0 General

2.1 Paragraph headings are inserted for convenience only and do not define limit or otherwise affect the interpretation thereof. 2.2 All goods and equipment remains the property of the Owner at all times.

2.3 We reserve the right to use any photography of event(s) for promotional purposes unless otherwise advised by the Renter in advance.

3.0 Conditions applicable

3.1 The Contract for the Rental of goods is between the Owner and the Renter, not the venue, unless goods are being Rented directly by the venue. It is the Renter’s responsibility to ensure that the venue is clearly instructed so that the Terms and Conditions are met. The Owner will charge the Renter for any costs due to Terms and Conditions being broken. It is then the responsibility of the Renter to reclaim any of these costs from the venue, if the venue was at fault.

3.2 These conditions exclude any Terms and Conditions you may have put forward at any time, except where we have agreed to any amendments or other conditions in writing.

4.0 Prices

4.1 Prices quoted are for the rental time specified on the Invoice. Subsequent day(s) will be charged at a rate of 50% of the total agreed when booking, unless a special agreement has been arranged prior to the event between the Owner and the Renter.

4.2 Prices & availability of goods are subject to change without notice. However, a quote given over the phone or by email is valid for 7 days and is only secured upon receipt of a deposit. Once first payment is paid, the price quoted will not change.

5.0 Bookings and Cancellations

5.1 A 25% non-refundable fee of the total booking cost is required to secure your booking date for bookings over 60 days away. This amount is deducted from your final rental price when due. All bookings under 60 days require payment in full when booking.

5.2 Booking requests can be made by email, telephone or via the enquiry form on our website. Bookings won’t be confirmed and as such the corresponding date(s) not reserved until the booking deposit or full amount has been paid.

5.3 Change requests by the Renter will need to be done so in writing, by email. If acceptable, we will acknowledge the changes to the original booking along with issuing a revised quotation within 7 days. Any changes are made at our discretion.

5.4 The final balance is due 60 days prior to the event, unless otherwise agreed between the Owner and the Renter. Please note if payment is not received within the Terms and Conditions of payment, we will presume that our services are no longer required and any monies paid up to this point will be forfeited.

5.5 We can accept last minute orders depending on availability. Full payment is required for bookings within 60 days.

5.6 Booking(s) can be cancelled in writing or by email by the Renter up to 24 hours after initial payment of the booking fee. Any fees paid within this 24 hour period will be refunded in full, minus any third party charges. After this we offer a No refund policy.

5.7 If we must cancel a booking due to reason beyond our control, we will do so in writing or by email, returning any deposits paid in full.

5.8 No refund will be made as a consequence of any booking alterations made by the Renter within 60 days of the event. Any monies due to us will either be payable by the Renter directly or by another party on their behalf.

6.0 Payments and Refunds

6.1 We offer two methods of payments:

• Bank Transfer

• Credit Card via payment on invoice

6.2 Any refunds due to the Renter will be paid within 30 days of the acknowledged cancellation date by us. Refunds will only be paid under our cancellation policy.

If a refund cannot be processed by us because of missing information on your part, a limit of 30 days from your cancellation request will be applicable after which any refund due will be forfeited.

7.0 Delivery and Collection and Set Up

7.1 Goods are either delivered to the venue by Owner and remain the responsibility of the Renter during the rental period. If goods are collected by the renter from an address supplied on the invoice then the goods must be dropped back off in the same condition of the day of pick up.

7.2 It is the Renter’s responsibility to ensure that, once the venue is setup with the items supplied by ourselves, a representative from the venue or renter is then entrusted to ensure that the setup remains as we have left it. Equipment must not be moved under any circumstances by rental or any other person other than Owner. A photo will be taken of all set ups once any equipment is in position.

7.3 Should the Renter or the Renter’s guests knock any of the marquee letters, flower walls, or other equipment over whilst on rental, the renter agrees to pay to have any damage rectified.

7.4 Marquee letters must be placed inside or undercover if there is any chance of rain (which will be determined by Owner). We must have back up location inside or undercover due to potential rain or inclement weather. We will only place Marquee letters outside if there is no chance of rain. We must have a standard US plug within 50ft of the first letter of Marquee lights. Marquee letters must be placed on a flat surface where there is no mud or dirt. Grass is ok as long as it is flat and dry.

7.5 A remote which controls the color of the Marquee letters will be left with the lights. This must be left in the same position when the Owner comes to collect the Marquee Letters.

7.6 Flower Walls are ideally placed against a wall. Flower Walls must be placed inside or undercover if there is any chance of rain or high wind (which will be determined by Owner). We must have a back up location inside or undercover due to potential inclement weather. We can place Flower Walls outside if there is no chance of rain. Flower Walls must be placed on a flat surface. If Neon Sign usage is being used then we must have a US Plug within 25ft.

7.7 Our Champagne walls are ideally placed against a wall. Our Champagne wall must be placed inside or undercover if there is any chance of rain (which will be determined by Owner). We must have a back up location inside or undercover due to potential inclement weather. We can place our Champagne Walls outside if there is no chance of rain.

7.8 If Owner cannot set up our on time due to situations within their control we will give the option of continuing to set up or refund the entire fee paid. We will contact by phone or email to ask about this if the situation arises.

8.0 Shortages and Damages

8.1 Shortages and/or damages to the Rented goods will be charged at their full replacement value, details of which are available on request. No substitute item will be accepted by the Owner.

Damages include but are not limited to:

Chipped or broken marquee letters, burns (either partially or fully), bent, deep scratch(es), missing part(s), etc. – LOVE letters: spillages, marks, dirt, chips, missing bulbs (except blown bulbs). Allowing our goods to be positioned outside.

8.2 The Owner will inform the Renter within 7 days in writing of any damages and costs concerning any of the Rented goods. An invoice will be sent outlining amount and type of damage with associated chargeable costs.

8.3 The Renter may request in writing the return (and bear the cost thereof) of any damaged goods within 14 days of the Renter being informed in writing of any such damage. Otherwise the said items will be disposed of.

8.4 Should the Renter or the Renter’s guests knock any of the letters, flower walls, champagne walls or equipment over whilst on Rent and the equipment becomes damaged either internally, externally or both, the Renter agrees to pay to have the damage repaired with a qualified contractor. If a repair is not possible then replacement cost will be due.

8.5 If, following any damage that requires the equipment to be repaired by our maintenance contractor, the equipment is unable to be used for our next event booked, the Renter agrees to pay for the sub-Rent of a set of letters similar to ours in order that we may fulfil our contractual obligations.

8.6 If goods are missing at the end of the agreed rental period, the Owner retains the right to charge for:

• The cost of replacement of goods to honour any booking(s) where the goods are required. • The cost of replacement of goods where Rented goods are permanently not returned.
• An additional Rent period, charged at the item(s) daily rate.

8.7 It is the Renter’s responsibility to ensure that the Marquee Letters are not unplugged and moved. Please be very careful when posing with drinks near the letters and always ensure that a responsible adult accompanies any age children. No drinks must be left on the Marquee Lights. Please do not allow babies, children or adults to stand or sit on the letters. Should any staining arise, whether by drink or dirt, the Renter will be liable for the costs of repair work which will be carried out by the manufacturer of the letters.

9.0 Liabilities

9.1 During the period of rental, the Renter shall be solely responsible for the equipment rented. The Renter shall alone be responsible for the goods from the time the venue or renter accepts the goods until they are back in the possession of the Owner. Once the equipment is set up and left this will be the point liability transfers to the renter.

9.2 It is the Renter’s responsibility to ensure that the venue does not change or intend to change or move any equipment we set up.

9.3 We will not be liable for our incapacity to Rent all or part(s) of the booking item(s) as a consequence of a date and / or venue change made by the Renter.

It is the Renter’s responsibility to notify us as soon as possible of any date and / or venue change. We will endeavour to facilitate this change based on our availability at the time of your notification to us. Please be aware that extra charge(s) may be applicable.

If, as a consequence of the date and / or venue change, we cannot provide you with the service originally contracted, the booking will be automatically cancelled and our refund conditions will be applicable.

9.4 The Owner shall not be responsible for any type of injury or damage to persons or property howsoever sustained, arising from any goods under Rent.

We shall be under no liability in respect of any defect arising from wilful damage, abnormal usage conditions, alteration or repair of the goods without our prior approval.

9.5 We will not be liable for any indirect loss, loss of business, profits, savings you expected to make, wasted money, fees or expenses, wages, due to the unsuitability, breakdown or stoppage of the goods or any part of them.

9.6 We will not be liable for any delays caused by any circumstances beyond our control.
9.7 If any other suppliers are working alongside Owner, Owner shall not be held responsible for their services in any way.

10.0 Rights Reserved

10.1 Any failure by us to enforce any or all of these conditions shall not amount to or be interpreted as a waiver of any of our rights.

11.0 Contacts

11.1 All communications (additional information request, feedback, Terms and Conditions update, etc.) should be directed to us either by email at hello@litlightlove.com